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I probably won’t surprise anyone if I say that the majority of online games on Android have a very rigid binding to Donat and to fine “feel” and avoid monsters or players have to spend on the game very long time. Installing the game for Android Epic Swords 2 I was sceptical about it configured because he expected to see the same as described above. But how glad I was when I saw a very good action in the game, plus there raids on bosses that you bring with other players, and besides, there are good battle with normal monsters, which you will find in the locks. I – very cool! The game is completely free and Donat is not something important and special in this game, as there is already playing the role of your skill (your game skills, says if a normal language).

The gameplay and management:

Gameplay of a single company is that you need to get inside the castle and kill all living creatures (orcs, skeletons, gargoyles and the like), as you are a knight who has awakened from sleep and must restore the balance in this world. And in order to successfully fight with all creatures and bosses, you will need 5 your swords that were stolen from treasuries. Most importantly, each of the swords has their own fighting style and use a sword for the entire game you do not get, because the enemy will be different and some swords are just not able to overcome.

Management is based on gestures and will require to his addiction, but it won’t be long. Thus, each of the sword there are 3 major attacks that are carried out with the help of gestures, and one special force attack, which becomes available after a certain number of hits on the enemy. All gestures drawn on the bottom and they are quite easy. To use the shield, you need to tap the screen with two fingers. Every successful hit on the enemy, will fill the power bar (located on the left) and after a certain time, you will be able to cause significant damage to your enemy. Another cool new feature in the game is the mind of the bots. If you think you can learn one scheme attacks and constantly to beat it all the enemies, then you are mistaken, because they will easily remember all your beats and will simply block them or turn aside. Your advantage is a surprise!

Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics in the game are made completely in 3D detail on solid 4, the special effects are also very good, but for those who just loves beauty, shade, volumetric light, etc. have to pass this game, because nothing like it. The soundtrack also picked up a very nice addition to the atmosphere is just great! To summarize: Epic Swords 2 – this is a free game, which I am proud to put the icon Must Have, because it is really unique in its class, plus the good news is that the developers did not ispoganili the game and did not forget the significant word in every RPG – balance. Support them in their assessments on Google Play, if you want further development of the game. Enjoy the game!

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