Minigore 2 Zombies – But you will survive this night?

Game for android

I always knew that there were such developers who are in their minds a great idea, are carrying it a year or two, and then release a game and it turns out to be a masterpiece. So the game was developed for Android called then 2: Zombies. The game is a masterpiece not in terms of graphics or story, but in terms of ease of gameplay, which was created with great love for the players and the developers are very much tried to do everything in a balanced manner, and not even brought Donat in the game. In the game you are waiting for 300 incredible trials that are great fun to take place, as well as 20 different characters, 60 kinds of enemies and 7 stunning bosses.

The gameplay and management:

In the game mechanics of the game there is some notes Alien Shooter and Crimsoland and other similar games where one character is shootout with a bunch of enemies and all of this ultimately turns into a very cheerful, bloody mess. By the way, the main character’s name is John Gore and one of the few survivors who decided to challenge all this evil spirits. You have to fight not only with zombies, and other supernatural creatures, and strive to tear off a piece from you. The main character has a permanent weapon that cannot be disposed of is his trusty axe that you can shred and all, and the rest of the weapons you can pick up at any time on the field as soon as you will see him.

But note that the number of rounds is limited, and the crowd of creatures becomes more and more. But arms, the main character and companion that you can call, picking up a special box. Gold coins you get for killing zombies and can spend them on upgrading weapons, the main character, purchase of new levels and boosters. Management implemented very convenient and settle in it will not be difficult. On the left is the analog stick, which is responsible for the movement of a character, and the right analog stick or button, depending on that, have you included the auto-aiming or not. From myself I would like to add that the gameplay is very enticing and will stop on time is very difficult, since a bloody mess looks very cool and fun, and huge bosses always made me respect, because it is so easy to get. To die in the game is hard, but all the same, if not carefully monitor quick enemies, which are selected for the main character and immediately attacked him.

Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game has exceeded all expectations: elegant detail, dynamic light, smooth animations, special effects, the abundance of paints and colors, as well as excellent optimization even under the budget of the device. Another huge plus of the game is the voice of the main character, which reminded me of a magnificent and legendary Duke of Nukem who always let go of all kinds of stock phrases, killed when a crowd of enemies. To summarize, then 2: Zombies is a 100% Must Have game for everyone, when he loves arcade shooters, or the theme of zombies, or just a bloody mess. The game will not leave you indifferent and will give an opportunity to find in it something that you enjoy. The game is absolutely free, so do not forget to thank the developers for its positive assessment of the Google Play. Enjoy the game!

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