Clear Vision 3 – The story of a professional killer.

Game for android

The game character by the name of Stickman appeared at the time of popularity of Flash of the games, practically all developers did or cool toys about its participation, or the same Flash animated films. On Android also has plenty of games with this hand-drawn character, and one of these games for Android is a Clear Vision 3, which is part 3 in a popular series of simulators sniper Clear Vision. Of the main features of the game I want to note the presence of a thoughtful game world, interesting contracts, which are in the game, there are 55 other than the stylistic design of the game, fun gameplay, giving an opportunity to feel like a real professional killer.

The gameplay and management:

When you first start the game, I strongly recommend not to skip the game saver, because the author did it simply elegant and miss this will be a very strong loss. Let’s start with Arsenal, which presents in game 3 rifles – M16, MSR-5 and Steamy Luiz. Each rifle there are 6 pumped modules: butt, shutter, sight, muzzle part, a shop and a fixing part. Upgrades you can buy for the obtained gold, or for a special surcharge currency. The game world consists of 4 cities in which you have to perform the job is Bumville Shore, Central, East Sleaze and Royal Hills. Each city will be open as it passes missions in the previous city.

Before the beginning of the mission indicates how much energy will be used for its implementation, as well as the text of task and your reward. As the game is distributed model F2P, the developer decided to enter this “bad” system energy. Each unit of energy vosstanavlivaetsya automatically after every 3 minutes, but if you want to buy energy, you can either pay a surcharge in-game currency, or earned gold coins. Management implemented very convenient and, finally, without using the accelerometer. To move the crosshair use the right part of the screen, and shot – the fire button in the lower left corner of the screen. By the way, the game has amendment on weather conditions, so learn to use the marks on sight, since the goal is not always going to be close.

Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphics I have no questions, here the developer myself 100% and stays only admire and applaud. The soundtrack and the sounds picked up very well, fit perfectly into developer-created the atmosphere. To summarize: Clear Vision 3 – this is a great continuation of a series of sniper simulation that will give you an unforgettable missions, thoughtful game world, simple and very easy operation, as well as a unique control. The game is free, so do not be lazy to leave their assessment on Google Play. Enjoy the game!

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