Android game SLINGSHOT BRAVES now for PC

Slingshot Braves is a classic RPG genre with beautiful graphics, exciting gameplay, and also easy to manage and convenience games on Android-powered devices.

World Landow was once beautiful and serene until the land had not invaded by evil spirits, turning to ashes all around. And only by efforts of inhabiting his heroes possible to stop the further spread of evil! Stand in the ranks of those who fight for the return of peace in these beautiful lands! Join with friends in alliances and clans, develop your character, gather resources and materials to create new weapons and armor, of course, join the fight against evil!

If you want to play SLINGSHOT BRAVES on PC, you need to download the apk and install on your computer emulator Android bluestacks. Download the game  SLINGSHOT BRAVES on PC, and open it with the emulator bluestacks.

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