Download SHOWBOX App. Free Movies and TV shows on your Android


As most Apps on Android go, we practically see them as the delivery of opportunities hitherto seemingly unachievable right in to our palms. For movie and series lovers all over the world now, we can finally say goodbye to the long waits and the tiresome process of downloading from a torrent site and having to transfer later on to our mobile devices if the download was done with a PC.

Show box App

The Showbox App on Android however breaks this trend and ensures that coupled with your high internet speed, the thrills of movie viewing just got a whole lot better.

The Showbox App is very attractive and opens up with a scattered display of various series posters that make the movie lover salivate instantly with anticipation.

The movies and series are sorted by genre, ratings, their titles, the last date of the aired series and so on. All ensuring that the show box gives you an awesome movie viewing experience.

When you get on the Showbox app, the first tab shows you the synopsis of the series while the second leads to your library. The customary options of view however when downloaded on androids include the standard video player and the MX player.

Most ardent users of the Showbox app on androids however complain from time to time of the absence of updates for future TV series.

Androids have indeed revolutionized the Smartphone market and it is safe to say that one of the major apps which has championed this movement is the Showbox Mobile App for Androids.

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