Deemo – Music for the soul…

Game for android

The music game is quite uncommon genre, and is therefore the most attractive for most players, especially when you consider that these little games on the PC, and mobile platforms even less. But recently I came across a great game for Android called Deemo, which is hidden best music game I’ve ever played, because the soundtrack is something fascinating and very, very cool. One of the main tools is the piano, which is our mysterious character, as suddenly, the door opens and drops a little girl, which he successfully catches. She doesn’t remember who she was, where and even her name, but she just have to go back home. Mysterious tree that stands on piano and surprisingly grows every time you play the next song. It seems that this is the only way to help her get back home.

The gameplay and management:

The gameplay is that you successfully catches all the notes and try to catch everything, to open the same track, but it is more complicated. Before the beginning of each song, you can choose the speed at which will receive new notes. Background music playing in any case, but when you just get the note, you can hear and the sound of the piano, which is a great addition. To perfectly get on note, you need to click on it when it will be exactly the steel strip. Game control is maximum simplified and does not require a lot of attention. Those notes which are in black must be activated by simply pressing, but notes with yellow lights, you have to activate gesture, i.e. you click on the first note, then quickly will put your finger in the desired direction, which is to gather the following notes. I think if a little practice, you could do it perfectly well.

Download Deemo for Android

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